the key to happiness

Hittade en dikt jag skrev för flera år sedan, och jag tycker att den är lite akutell nu med tanke på vad som pågår i världen, så delar den med er. Jag är jättetrött så orkar inte kolla igenom efter stav/grammtikfel eller så, men det får gå iallafall.

In school we get taught every president or war,
but honestly,  what do we need that for?
We should teach the kids to appreciate all that they get,
and help them achieve joyful goals that they set

Teach them that a smile can heal the kids that get sad,
that kindness is beauty and bullying is bad
Tell them all about love; straight, bi or gay,
that it's all okay and they'll find it some day

Talk to them about hair, clothes and money,
that laughing at others is everything but funny
But teach them to laugh and let them do it always,
they should laugh 'til tears of laughter is all over their face

Isabelle Thörners foto.

Parents and teachers all around the world,
listen closely 'cause this needs to be heard:
No child is born bad, you make them that way, 
they see all you do and hear all you say

If you scream at a beggar, call him filthy or dumb, 
your kid will grow up thinking every beggar is scum
But if you raise out a hand to a human who needs you,
I can promise that’s exactly what your kid will do to

Isabelle Thörners foto.
Don't hate on a brother 'cause he doesn't share the color of your skin,
and never tell a lesbian her love is a sin
Make sure your kid is happy because of who they are no matter what,
not depending on money or amount of bodyfat

All kids can love they are born with a big heart,
you teaching them to hate will just tear them apart
So throw out your weapons, stop the killing of all,
come take my hands and let's watch the wars fall

We don't need no more hate, we don't want no more tears,
it's time to get through it after all of these years
Love is in all just look and you'll find;
the key to your own happiness is just to be kind

Isabelle Thörners foto.


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